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Latest News / Road map 2016

We wish you a Happy New Year 2016!
Product Approach
First of all we are going to release our latest version in the second half of January. With this release we shall have several new features available to optimize your workflow.
Adsdaq Integration
We are integrating Adlogix with our other product Adsdaq. Both systems will be able to communicate with each other. Adsdaq will be able to inject products into Adlogix in order to use the tools you are familiar with.
DFP Multiple Adlevel
The next big feature that will be developed is the multiple adlevel for DFP. In that way users that use DFP as ad server, will be able to use the full functionality of the 5 ad unit levels also in Adlogix.
Adlogix Multiple Adservers

Next will be the ability to have multiple ad servers on one Adlogix instance.

In a nutshell ...

As you can see, we have some great new features already on our roadmap for 2016. Besides that, we are still making a top priority to make our applications appealing and as fast as possible.


Adlogix Product Approach is productizing your inventory with the new product capabilities of Adlogix. Product managers can easily configure a catalog with flexible (open parameters) and restrictive (enforced parameters) products.

Sales agents do not need any technical background related to ad servers to sell your premium digital inventory.

Furthermore, the new product approach capabilities are fully API centric. This means that you can easily integrate it with your existing processes and legacy systems.

The need

The need is to simplify the sales process of your digital inventory. Sales agents must be able to sell any type of products cross delivery platforms without any complex technological knowledge.

  • 80% of your digital inventory are sold with recurrent standardized products (enforced parameters).
  • 20% of your digital inventory are sold based on specific customer needs which we call “custom products” (open parameters).

=> With Adlogix Product Approach you can manage it all.

Another need is to be able to communicate between Adlogix & Adsdaq much easier since Adsdaq can insert such products into an Adlogix campaign.

Let's explore

Standardized Products (enforced parameters)

A Sales Manager can configure standardized products upfront with enforced parameters (audience, budget…and all technical parameters related to the ad server).

Sales agents simply select the quantity and period to deliver the product and Adlogix manages the rest.

Custom Products (open parameters)

Besides standardized products, the Sales Manager can configure some custom products with a mix of open and enforced parameters.

The Sales Managers can choose which parameter is open or enforced. In other words, the flexibility level of the product will depend on which parameter is open or enforced…the possibilities are endless.

In this way a Sales Agent can customize the selected product to the customer needs.

The workflow in a nutshell

As our product approach will simplify the product creation for complex products, we have build-up an administration to manage it all.  As a Product Manager you create your product based on a few parameters. When you build your product, you have the ability to determine if some parameters are a default value or are a fixed value (enforced) that can't be changed when inserted into a campaign. 

You will have the possibility to setup an audience that can be specially made for that type of product or that can be used in several products. With that audience you decide on what zones/pages/ad units/placements you want to see your product delivered.

Once activated for use in campaigns, your sales agents can simply insert the product and use it. It’s important to note that Sales Agents do not require complex technical knowledge related to ad servers to sell any digital products.

In case a product contains default parameters, they can be customized if needed.

After inserting, the product gets immediately calculated and the Sales Agents can continue their daily steps in Adlogix.

The benefits

Simplification, faster and standardized…those are the three main benefits of the Adlogix Product Approach.

Once the product catalog is setup with standardized and custom products, Sales Agents can create a campaign in no time, since they don’t have to worry about additional parameters to configure. These are already prepared and how more enforced parameters it contains, the faster the selection and configuration of the product inside a campaign.

Another benefit is the flawless integration between Adlogix and Adsdaq. This will make it possible to insert Adsdaq products into Adlogix and your sales people can use the tools they are used to.

API Centric

The whole product approach functionality is API Centric.

You can easily integrate the product approach capabilities in your existing processes and legacy systems (e.g. Sales Force, SAP CRM…)

In the end

In the end the arrival of our product approach simplifies the way on how you use Adlogix and will make the overall selling process much faster.

Discover it in our next release and we hope that it will streamline your processes even better.

In 2015 we made it a priority to increase our performances by introducing new enhancements. Discover those enhancements in our latest release.

This includes improvements in the database, the Inventory Calculation Engine and UI responsiveness. We also introduced a new UI in the administration and Product Approach features. These UI changes will be further implemented in our next versions.

We also took the decision to move all our servers to a new cloud server infrastructure.

We wish you a Happy New Year 2016!
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